Useful links

While travelling and planning to travel I came across all sorts of sites; some were useful, most weren’t. Therefore, I made this list for myself but also for fellow travellers looking for decent sites. If some very imporant and useful sites are missing on this list, let me know!

Fellow travellers
Joyce in the US (Dutch)

It really depends on how you’re travelling. I mostly do city trips (and city hopping), so travelling by plane, bus and/or train is what was most useful. Of course while doing a road trip, you probably rent or buy a car.


When city hopping and road tripping, you need a place to sleep. AirBNB and Wimdu are sites that offer you places to stay in people’s homes. An experience that gives you an inside look into people’s culture and live. Chances of a life time! A tip: use and to look up places to stay and call/email them to book a place to stay. Most of the times, it is cheaper than booking through these sites.


Road trip routes, NPs etc
Ontdek Amerika (Dutch)