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I didn’t only have the privilege to go on this wonderful horse drive earlier this year, but I also got to write about it. Not just for you, those who are reading my travelling stories, but also for those who are frequent visitors of EquiTrekking.com. Because what’s better than hearing from other people that certain experiences were brilliantly and definitely worth your time (or not in some cases). Word of mouth is a sometimes underestimated tool. Nowadays, it’s more what’s written on the net, but hey! People are sharing their thoughts!

Personally, I found out about EquiTrekking in 2014, when I was looking for a ranch to go to while travelling through the USA for three months. It’s them that directed me to Rancho Los Banos in Mexico at the time. Now I’ve written down my experience on the horse drive from Sprucedale Guest Ranch in Arizona.You can find the article via this link: A Spectacular Arizona Horse Drive at Sprucedale Guest Ranch

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