Time has no mercy

Last days are always so sad and give you such mixed feelings; at one hand you’re ready to go home and be done with it – mostly the waiting: waiting to go to the airport, waiting to drop off you luggage, waiting in line at security, waiting at your gate and so on, but at the other hand, you aren’t ready to say goodbye and go back to normality.

Our flight wouldn’t be leaving until the afternoon, which meant we had to bring back our car to the rental agency around noon/1.00 pm. So we packed our final stuff, had breakfast and checked out after printing our boarding passes. We decided to go to a Starbucks near the airport. In that case, we couldn’t get stuck in traffic much. We all enjoyed our final US only flavours from Starbucks before dropping off the car. We drove 2228 miles (3586 KMs) in the thirteen days we rented the car and in those thirteen days, we even didn’t use the car for 4 days during the horse drive. On average we drove 250 miles/400 KMs a day, which might not sound as much to some of you as it does to us. We drove a greater distance each day than driving from the most northern continental point to the most southern one (which is around 230 miles/375 KMs) will take you in the Netherlands. You have to turn around if you don’t want to cross a border to achieve that distance (or take a detour).

From the rental agency, we took the shuttle bus back to LAX. There, the drag started: queuing at check-in, queuing at security and so on. I don’t mind travelling, but when you start the Q-ing when going home, I’m done with it. Mainly, probably because I don’t want to go home. The flight was rather uneventful. I slept uncomfortably, but I slept, we ate, watched movies and even queued for the bathroom. The only eventful part of our journey back was probably our transfer to the city hopper to Dusseldorf in Amsterdam.

We disembarked the plane around 12.30 pm and the gate from our next plane would close at 12.55 pm. Considering we still had to cover half the airport’s ground and had to go through passport control, we were kinda stressed and running to get their in time. And of course, on our arrival, boarding hadn’t even started. Luckily, half the plane was filled with school kids who came back from Miami and we basically in the same situation as we were (but they had to run even further). This non-environment-friendly, but yet the let’s-make-this-journey-€200-cheaper flight took no more than 40 minutes.

Back in Dusseldorf we fetched our bags, walked back to the car. It was a bit harder to find it back (somehow there were a lot more cars there than when we arrived two week prior in the middle of the night. It was hard to stay awake in the car and I didn’t manage to do so either. At Yvonne’s we picked up our stuff that Kelly had sent via mail (one box weighed 50 KGs -oops-) before we said our goodbyes to Yvonne. Next stop was my place and after saying my goodbyes to Carla and Paul, this incredible journey had come to an end. What a journey, never to forget. When are we going again?

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