Singing a few drinks for my men, nachos for me

For our one full day in Los Angeles, we had lots planned. However, we started off the day with a simple complimentary breakfast. It wasn’t the Best Western, but you aren’t allowed to complain when it’s free, right? We first went to Griffith Park to see the observatory, which was still closed unfortunately, we were too early. Although that did explain why there was free parking.

Normally you have quite a great view on the Hollywood Sign from the park. However, due to fog, it was much better visible when I visited it last time, so we went to find another spot to see it better. We drove through the Hollywood Hills, in search of this spot. Of course, when we found one, who else would be there as well, randomly in the middle of a neighbourhood: other Dutchies. They are everywhere!

We drove to Downtown Los Angeles and drove around to get the atmosphere of these tall buildings. Since we really wanted to go to the beach, it didn’t take long for us to set course to Venice. Just driving around, reminded me once again, why I am not a big fan of LA. The metropolitan area is so large that it’s hard to visit a few things in a day, especially when you compare to New York, for example. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t visit LA, but make sure that you know what you want to visit. If you want to go the visit a TV show (make sure you get tickets in advance) or go to studios, LA is the place to be. But for me personally, it doesn’t really have that X-factor. It’s hard to describe, but LA just doesn’t make up it far up my favourite’s list.

Nevertheless, even though we had been in the car much for visiting a city, Santa Monica and Venice are always nice places to be. We parked our mini-van halfway up the boulevard and made our way towards the Pacific on foot. Starting from now, I have put swimming in the Pacific on my bucket list. Simply because of the fact, that I have had the chance multiple times, but I haven’t done so, because I deem the water too cold. There has to be a place and time, when and where it isn’t too cold.

We strolled along the beach to the pier in Santa Monica. When we arrived on the pier, it was busy as usual. We walked all the way to the end and I was quite disappointed there weren’t any sea lions hanging around like previous times. It always amazes me to see wild life so close to masses of people (who are basically ruining their habitats, but that’s a different story all together).

On the pier, we went to my favourite place in the entirety that is LA: Rusty’s Surf Ranch. I reckon there are heaps of other good restaurants in that area, but those nachos are just delicious! Every visit to LA so far has included a massive plate of nachos from Rusty’s. This trip couldn’t be an exception 😉 Yvonne and I shared a plate and some calamari. Food times are good times.

After dinner we made our way back to the car via the Venice Boardwalk. It did bring back some good memories, bouncing that very same boardwalk after meeting Sasha Alexander two years prior. It was a bit sad to see the venue and its current state. It looked as if it hadn’t been used much lately.

Our drive back to the hotel was supposed to take 20 minutes. It turned into an hour – the cons of LA – before we got back. We went back to Hollywood Boulevard to find ourselves some final souvenirs. Our last meal was at Panda Express (my new fast food favourite!). We used the remainder of the evening on packing our bags and sorting through all our stuff deciding what to bring home and what to leave behind.

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