I ain’t never had a problem with California

The end of our holiday was creeping up on the horizon. It was time to go back to California and Los Angeles for the final few days in the USA. In the morning, we packed our bags for one final long journey to another city. Before leaving Las Vegas, we first went to Walmart, to stock up to products. Some were for our last days, like some drinks and snacks, others were for home. I’m love with Walmart (and Safeway). So after buying some deodorant sticks, shampoo and conditioner, mint oreos, Nature Valley granola bars, Herschey chocolate and other goodies, basically wondering how I am going to get everything home, we sat down again for a 5-hour-ride.

It didn’t take very long for us to extend this 5-hour-ride to 6 or 7 hours. Near Primm, NV on the border between Nevada and California, we got stuck in traffic on the I-15. Stuck as in, not moving an inch. Due to road work or something, the interstate was reduced from three to two lanes, which basically was the biggest problem in getting up the mountain.

After two hours, Yvonne and I switched as drivers and we continued our drive to Los Angeles. Via Barstow, CA, we continued south on the I-15. Just before LA, Paul and I switched seats. Most of the drive was pretty uneventful. Around 6 pm, we arrived on our destination in West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hotel on Yucca Street. We dumped our stuff in our small yet atmospheric rooms before crossing the street to eat some Greek food! Since we hadn’t done much during the day, we went to take a walk on Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. We tried to find some stars, walked past the Chinese Theater, bought some souvenirs and I finally got my hands on a Washington DC license plate.

I had found one in San Francisco, CA last year. But considering it was $50 and I already had bought most of the other states I was missing as well, I decided not to buy it then. I have had times I regretted my decision, because it’s hard to get your hands on DC plates. The District of Columbia is very small compared to the other states. So there aren’t many of the plates issued in the first place. I asked around in the shops we visited along Route 66. They didn’t have them, but told me that if they had, they would have sold them for $100. So when I finally found some on Hollywood Boulevard and it only cost $30, I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy it last year. Some good things come in time. We gradually made our way back to the hotel for a well-deserved night’s sleep.


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