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We started off our first day waking up in Las Vegas easily. We prepared for our day and made our way to the front of the hotel. Circus Circus is a massive hotel that consists of many different parts. For example, you have the Sky Tower, the casino Tower and the Manors. We slept into the latter. So it took us a while to get from A to B for starters without actually leaving the hotel grounds.

Circus Circus is as I’ve mentioned before doesn’t successfully represent a circus; it is a circus, like the rest of Vegas: you have slot machines for adults but there’s also an arcade for kids there is a McDonald’s inside the hotel there is even a Subway which I didn’t personally mind at all. So today, for breakfast, we had Subway. Near the Subway, they also had a stand where they sold tickets for shows in Vegas. We wanted to go to a show and picked out the one at Excalibur. Our day, which was basically a day shopping, looking back, started out with buying these theatre tickers.

Our next stop: Ross. We went Converse hunting. Ross is comparable to TJ Maxx: it sells brands such as Converse, Nike, Adidas and so on for less than to do in their retail stores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the shoes turn out to have some flaws and that’s the reason why you can find them for $25 + tax in Ross stores. I’m a happy gal either way.

After the Ross, we made our way down the Strip by bus. No matter how beautiful the Strip may be, it’s a long walk getting from A to B. From the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay, it’s roughly 4,5 miles (7.3 KMs). It’s a beautiful walk, but we had to stuff to do. We exited the bus near Excalibur and picked up our tickets for the evening. Since we had to pick them up 2 hours before the show started, we thought this was the smartest idea. You may never know what the rest of the day might bring.

From Excalibur we once again took the bus. Before making it to my all time favourite store, just off the Strip, the Boot Barn, we first stopped at the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. It wasn’t as busy as other times I had been there.

Since Joyce and I found the Boot Barn by accident in 2015, I have never not been to Las Vegas and not having visited the store. It’s one of my personal heavens on earth. So after spending some time browsing through western wear (and once again spending a shit load of money), we crossed the street for Mickey D’s.

From McDonald’s we went to the GAP and Converse store in the outlet center. Yvonne was set on buying some for herself and her sister and after seeing the price tags, I couldn’t resist buying a hoodie at GAP as well. From way south the Strip, we went back to the hotel and somehow going up north the Strip always takes longer than going south. I could be wrong, but it took a long time. So by the time we were back in our rooms, we had to settle for a quick shower, before going halfway back down the Strip to Excalibur for the dinner show “Tournament of Kings”.

When stepping into the auditorium, it became quite clear that it was going to be about knights. To be honest, it wasn’t the biggest of surprises, considering the hotel is a castle and the name gave it away as well. We found our seats easily. The show itself was entertaining. You were allocated in parts of the theater that represented a country. We were in the Ireland section. We represented our country well, especially Paul! We sure that fun.

Dinner was entertaining as well. We got tomato soup in a bowl, plain and simple. As far as they were concerned, no spoon was needed. After the soup, we had our main course: one whole cooked chicken, some broccoli stems, some whole potatoes, no cutlery. After the initial shock, it was pretty entertaining stripping the chicken limb by limb and devouring it the Middle ages-way.

Since we had been on the bus a lot today, we decided, after the show, to start walking about and see where we ended up. Our first stop was New York, New York and its rollercoaster. Even though they charge a steep price ($15) for one ride (it’s Vegas after all), it sure is fun! Yvonne decided to sit this one out, but the rest of us, paid our fares and off we went. This still is so much fun! It’s a shame it’s so expensive (even though you only pay $8 for a second ride).

From NY, NY and their Herschey store, we went to the M&M’s Store across the street. From all the sweety goodness, we ended up in the Coca Cola Store. These retail brand stores are simply genious, especially the Coca Cola one. When we were back at the Bellagio, we decided to take the bus back to Circus Circus where Yvonne and I called it a night. After some repacking and reorganizing our stuff, some sleep was in order after this busy shopping day.


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