It’s like nothing I’ve ever known

After a good night of sleep and surviving Motel 6’s bathroom – the bath tub made so much squeaking noises, it sounded as if the bottom would just crack and you’d be downstairs pretty fast – we went to Safeway for breakfast. I know remember why I prefer Safeway over Walmart in the morning: Safeway has delicious and freshly made sandwiches. Considering my knees still were sore, I also bought a brace for my knee. Somehow I always manage to buy stuff abroad that has been manufactured in the Netherlands. The odds, right? After breakfast, we did some last minute shopping. I bought a t-shirt and a new belt in the western wear shop.

Soon we were on the road to Grand Canyon National Park. Around 11.00 am we arrived in the park and were quite lucky to find a parking spot pretty soon. After a bathroom break and putting sun screen we went to the rim and walked towards Hopi House via Yavapai Point. Even though I have been to the Grand Canyon before, it still is a sight for sore eyes. I mean, it’s very impressive to once again see what nature can do over the years. That in fact, our globe is alive and every changing. We should respect that and make sure that we leave this planet in the best shape it can be in.

My holidays wouldn’t be complete without some squirrel photos. Squirrels and I in the USA sort of became a running joke after I got bitten by one of them in the Boston Common in November 2014.

We took the shuttle bus back to the souvenir shop. After a short hike from there, we were back in the car to drive to Desert Tower. After spending a while there and thoroughly enjoying the view we drove back to Williams and followed the I-40 west to Kingman, AZ. During our drive from Desert Tower back towards Grand Canyon Village we came across several elk. Last year, when I was in the Grand Canyon, we saw them as well, but due to the rain, we weren’t able to take photographs of them. We did this year!

Our drive to Kingman was uneventful. I have to admit that certain parts of the I-40 are in desperate need of repairs. There are some nasty holes in some parts of the road while either ascending or descending a hill. In Kingman, we once again dumped our stuff in our rooms for the night. In the evening we went for dinner in the Cracker Barrel. The food was good! The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual and that makes it such an awesome place in my opinion. Downside was that they didn’t serve alcohol, but hey, we survived.

When we got back in the hotel, I did my laundry before going to sleep. It’s hard to write a lot about stuff, you’ve seen before.

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