Please, live like you are dying

Time always flies when you’re having fun and our last official day of the drive had started. Once again, we started off with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I’m normally not a big eater in the morning, however, I ate, a lot for breakfast during the drive. Partially because you know that you don’t have many opportunities to eat while riding, but also because lunch is something fast; something that’s manageable on the road for a larger group. Most importantly, it was delicious!!

We went back to Big Lake by car and once again, I was glad I brought many layers. It snowed during the night. It wasn’t much, but there was some. Cimarron herded the horses back into the corral, Billy and a few of the wranglers caught the horses and most of us just started saddling them and preparing for another day. This process took less and less time each day. Such a shame it was the last time we would be saddling them.

We drove the horse along the lake, over freeways, through valleys, fields, rivers and forests all the way back to the Sprucedale property. Bottom line of this drive: it’s indescribable and an opportunity of a life time. It once again reminded me to seize the day and make the most of life; live like you are dying. You never know when it’s your last day. I ticked off a bucket list item without it even being on it. Thank you, Billy! Thank you, Katrine! Thank you, Kelly! Thanks to all who made these days possible. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world.

In the evening, Bonnie and her husband once again made us a terrific dinner: enchiladas and a layer dip! Good times. Some of the guests left after dinner. We ended the day playing card games and basically we went basically went to bed last. Again.

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