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After spending the day in Phoenix, today was the day we’d be setting of to Sprucedale Ranch for their Spring horse drive. But first! You should be able to guess it by now, we woke up way too early and sort of, once again, went for a swim, showered AND packed our bags all before 8.30 am. There are times that I wish I’d be as productive at home. It’s a feat when I wake up before 8.30 am.

Considering it was Mother’s day, we had to have breakfast before 10 am. After a delicious breakfast, we packed our final stuff and made sure it all fit in the car once again. We’re getting pros in packing our stuff in the rental car. We couldn’t have done this trip without our trusty Nissan Quest minivan. Nor without Kelly. She arranged the first few nights for us and the horse drive. Around 10.30 am we left Tempe and went to Kelly’s. We were very glad we could dump some of our stuff in Kelly’s car, because somehow, the minivan was still too small when you add camping to the mix of four suitcases and carry-on luggage.

Within half an hour we arrived at Kelly’s and before going to the ranch, we first went to Big Boy. Big Boy is Kelly’s horse. Considering the five of us all met in our riding school in the Netherlands and Big Boy was bought in the Netherlands, we’d love to see our big furry friend as well. He hadn’t changed a bit. He still loved his carrots and treats.

Ending our visiti to Big Boy, also meant leaving Phoenix. We were in for an afternoon on the road. From Phoenix, it was about a five hour drive to Sprucedale Ranch, near Eager, AZ. The one thing I once again learned about myself is that I don’t do big temperature differences very well. Whether it’s swimming in colder water or air-conditioned spaces, there aren’t my friends. It takes time for my body to get used to that for some reason.

On our way we stopped a few times: to switch drivers, to get a milk shake at Burger King, to pee, to get fuel. You name it. We all needed it. Around 6.00 pm we arrived at Sprucedale Ranch. The ranch is located in this serene and peaceful valley. It’s secluded and quiet and I reckon I could live there. No cell phone reception, no nothing. It’s a place where you could actually forget that there is a world outside the property. It was so easy to accept there wasn’t a way to communicate with the outside world. In a way I felt ten years younger.

After we dumped our stuff in our cabin (Yvonne, Kelly and I were sharing one), we went back to the main house for dinner. Today’s menu: spaghetti. It had been a long time since I ate pasta. Don’t always fancy it for some reason, but this was delicious! We retired pretty early in the evening, which wasn’t unusual for this trip though. Early start in the morning though and we still had to pack our bags for camp in the woods.

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