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The world has become a different place compared to a few years ago. Although I don’t fancy talking about all these unfortunate attacks on innocent people’s lives, they do make me think about life, people and how destructive mankind can be. I don’t want to write about it, but when something happens in a place you visited recently, I can’t help it.

Last Wednesday, some maniac thought it to be a very bright idea to drive a car into people on Westminster Bridge, in front of the House Parliament and the Big Ben, and finish it all, they stabbed an unarmed police officer to death. Students witnessed the attack, a woman got pushed on the bridge into the River Thames, people got injured or even died. Now I know that these sorts of attacks have happened in other places as well.

What made the day before yesterday’s attack in London so surreal for me, was the fact that I walked there, last week, around the same time. Last week, my friend and I walked on that specific side walk, giddy because we were going to a concert. Travelling to a foreign country to see someone you admire to their thing. I could have been me.

Students saw what happened during a study trip to London. Study trips are supposed to be fun. They shouldn’t be overshadowed by these sorts of occurrences. For them, it will always be that trip that will be remember as the trip where ‘that lunatic drove into a crowd of unsuspected people and we were there to witness it’ instead of ‘the best school trip we’d ever had’.

Of course, being somewhere just before or after something major happens, isn’t uncommon. I know there were a few hundred people in Westminster on that specific Wednesday when I was in London as well.

But thinking back to March 22nd last year, thinking back to the bombings in Brussels Airport. I was supposed to fly from Brussels to the USA via Amsterdam a week later. It¬†almost makes you think that the universe is trying to send you a message. Three’s a charm, they say. ¬†Perhaps I should create a reminder in my phone that I’m not leaving my bed next year on March 22nd. If fate is warning me, they were week early last year, this year a week too late. Next year, right on time? But then again, when I stay in bed, the building could still collapse and then I’m done for anyways, without doing any travelling.

So in two months I’m going to board a plane again and till that time, and even after that, we should believe that we can be united by hope. That grounded and down to earth people can unite and put a stop to this madness, so that all those people that have died in London, Istanbul, Nice, Brussels, Paris and so on, haven’t died in vain. That families’ pain can be lifted, even if it’s just for the tiniest amount, because that they somehow know, their loved one helped create a better world. One world we cannot create if we don’t believe in each other’s qualities, that we can trust each other and that even though we look different and might have different believes, in the end we all want the same thing: live a happy life, surrounded by happy people.

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