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Travelling broadens your mind, they say. They failed to mention that it would be addictive as well. Every time I return from a trip, whether this is just a weekend spent in London, UK or Paris, France, or a longer journey to the USA, I always have this minor “I don’t want to be home”-depression, actually missing being on the road and living from a backpack. Probably, because life at home can be a drag: work, eat, sleep, repeat. Some evenings spent with friends usually brightens the week. Other than that, my life isn’t quite so interesting at home. I personally reckon it is pretty boring.

I love to go to new places, meet people and learn about their culture and their way of life. I have to admit, I prefer going to places in which I speak the language or that the natives and I have at least a unifying language in common. Nowadays, it is getting easier to get from A to B within other people’s help because of smart phones, Wi-Fi and the world wide web that can answer most of your burning questions at hand. You can Google whatever you need and you don’t need so many people anymore to find your way as you did years ago.

For me personally, travelling doesn’t start when you leave home with your luggage going to your destination. It starts with an idea. A place you want to visit and explore. This might even be a few places you’re eager to visit and it’s always a blast to somehow be able to connect these places within one holiday; if possible of course. Preparing a journey is half the fun.

Finding cheap tickets for transportation, a nice place to stay within your budget, connecting the dots between certain sights; there are so many things to think about and so many possibilities to even expand your original idea. It’s a game in my mind and I’m set on finding a good deal.

When you’ve outlined your journey, you get to fill in the blanks. What’s on the way from A to B? Do you pass any awesome sights you didn’t know about, but yet have to see, now you’ve learned about their existence? Are they worth visiting? How much time will it take? Do you need any visa? How about insurance? Is a visit to the hospital covered? So many things to figure out and to learn to ensure a less bumpy trip.

There are so many things I still want to see in the USA and in the world that I’ll probably never have enough days off to actually visit them all, but here are some things on my travel bucket list:

  • Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA
  • Hiking the Austrian mountains
  • Doing Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria
  • Horse riding in Bethel’s Beach in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Washington DC (even though I’ve been there) I’m in love with its memorials <3
  • Go to Australia
  • Many of the NPs in the USA: Yellowstone, Sequoia, Grand Teton, Petrified Forest, Capitol Reef, Yosemite
  • Red Rock State Park, Arizona
  • Nashville, TN
  • Niagara Falls in summer
  • Canada
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Safari in Africa

And the list goes on and  on. The magic of planning and travelling is to make the most of it and enjoy every bloody minute when you’re there. Make memories and cherish them, so you can go on until your next trip is due.

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