NYC – sleep deprived

What a night. No, that was meant positively. The flight wasn’t too bad, but trying to get some sleep was a hell. I reckon I did sleep a bit better than Joyce; she was knackered. Around 7.15 am we arrived on JFK international airport in New York City. The pros of arriving on JFK is, the opportunity to take the AirTrain to one of two Subway stations, which can basically bring you anyway you want to be in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queen, Harlem, the Bronx, you name it. And it’s cheaper than taking a cab. For a one way trip from or to JFK, you’ll pay $40. We paid $30 for a week pass for the Subway, allowing us to travel with the same card during the remainder of our stay in NYC and going back to the airport. The only thing that you have to pay is $5 one way for the Airtrain. It is still cheaper than a cab and probably also cheaper than an Uber.

Anyways, it took a while for a luggage to arrive on the carrousel. After 8 am, it was finally there. We took the AirTrain to Jamaica Center, changed to the E to 42nd street in Manhattan. There we switched trains to the 3 northbound until 135th. Needless to say, we arrived early. Luckily for us there was the possibility to drop off out luggage in storage, so we could come back later to check in and go into town without hauling along 30 kgs of freight.

From the hostel, we went back downtown. In a way, I feel at home in NYC. This was my fourth visit to the city, and I love showing it around. It was my first time staying in Harlem, but I had been to the iHop around the corner during my first visit to the Big Apple. I have to admit, I don’t have too fond a memory about our journey back after eating there. My intestines weren’t agreeing with some thing. It was a hellish ride.

Nevertheless, this time around we first went to Times Square. I reckon this (together with the Statue of Liberty) is one of the most recognizable sights of the city. We walked around for a bit and took photos. We stopped at Pizzahut for lunch (or was it brunch…) The pizza was good! From Times Square, we went to one of Manhattan’s two biggest train terminals, Grand Central Terminal. It was a shame they were revamping the place, but it is an magnificent building. I love to take long exposure photos of the people getting from A to B.

Our next stop was the Build-a-Bear shop. My sister wanted a bear from that store as a birthday present, so off we went to the Empire State building, because, that’s where to the store was located. It took a while via Whatsapp for my sister to pick a bear and clothing, but after a while we got things sorted and off we went, back to the YMCA *insert song* to nap. After our nap, we went to the iHop, ate some pancakes before we went back to sleep. We were knackered and I’m quite surprised we managed to do a few things during the day.

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