The art of waiting

Our first priority of the day was dropping of our gigantic box in a USPS post office. It took the both of us to carry it, each on one side of the box. There was a person who asked if there was a puppy inside the box. I reckon a puppy wouldn’t have been as heavy. Another person slowed down their car, rolled down the window and complimented us on our cowboy boots. It’s a strange world. What I did find interesting though compared to the Netherlands (and perhaps even Europe), Americans tend to tell you right on the spot when they love something you’re either doing or wearing. It is weird when you’re not used to that, but in a way it’s also flattering. I know that’s the American way, but it’s nice to get someone’s feedback every once in a while.

A 20 minute bus ride later, we arrived at a post office, dumped the box, paid the fares and off we were. This time, another bus to Fremont street. Fremont Street is the old Vegas. This is were the casinos (and the gambling) started. The renovated Fremont street recently and now the Fremont Experience is there for everyone to enjoy. Fun fact: there’s even a replica of Belgium’s ‘Menneke Pis’. Basically, we saw every souvenir shop there was before we went to Dunkin’ Donuts (one of the few on the West Coast) before we went back to the life of the party nowadays – the Strip. It’s such a shame that every piece of entertainment that’s there for the people to enjoy is either too expensive (the Cirque du Soleil shows etc) or it’s all the same (slots, cards etc). We got off the bus at the Bellagio, where we watched the water show (like the Efteling’s Aquanura… but less complicated) in Bellagio Lake. Last time, we were in the Bellagio with our Chinese tour guide, Seven, the year before, there was this beautiful flower display inside. This year, we were curious whether it still was there. It was a different display, but we spent some time taking heaps of photos, before watching another water show outdoors.

I reckon because we were tired, and personally, I had enough of Vegas, we went back to the Mardi Gras for dinner. After dinner, we sulked around the hotel, passing time. We were about to catch a red eye flight to New York, NY around midnight and had to be on the airport around 10pm. Killing time sucks when you know you have to skip a night. Starting from dinner we spent our time waiting: waiting for the shuttle bus, waiting for check in, waiting at security, waiting at the gate, queuing on the tarmac to actually leave the city and so on. Jet Blue is quite an enjoyable airline. but red eye domestic flights just suck. I have to admit, leaving from McCarran does give you an incredible view on the Strip.

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