Viva Las second time Vegas

Last time we were in Las Vegas, NV, I was amazed by this enormous town in the desert. That people have been able to build a life here and sustain it. The Strip feels as if you’ve been there before, even though you know you’ve never been. Visiting Las Vegas for a second time, almost felt ordinary. For me personally, it wasn’t as amazing as it was last year. I wasn’t giddy to see all the sights on the Strip again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an experience in itself. However, I drink occasionally (read: almost never), I don’t gamble and I don’t like big crowds.

When we woke up in the Mardi Gras after our first night in town, we sort of were on a schedule until after breakfast. Breakfast was only served between certain times, so we had to get up a bit earlier than we might have wanted. After breakfast, we packed our day bags, and walked to the Strip. The temperatures were nice; gotta love shorts and tank tops in April. We walked from the Wynn/Encore to the Mandalay Bay. In between we went souvenir shopping and saw the interior of some of the hotels, such as The Venetian and The Luxor. While planning our trip we initially wanted to stay in the Luxor. I mean, staying in Vegas can’t be cooler than sleeping in a friggin’ pyramid. Unfortunately, it was too expensive. So we paid it a visit. If you take away the themes of the hotels, in the end, they’re all the same: rooms with beds and slots to gamble away your money. For most of my life, going on a holiday meant sleeping in a tent. Somehow I can’t really get used to sleeping in hotels, especially the more luxurious ones.

From Mandalay Bay we took the bus to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. There have been some improvements since the last time we were in Vegas. For starters, there’s a bus stop. Last time we had to walk all the way from Mandalay Bay to the sign. Getting driven is definitely an improvement. Secondly, I don’t know how many people got hit by a car in the past, but in 2015 it was definitely suicidal to cross the street to the sign. Now there was even a pedestrian crossing. It made the place definitely safer to get to.

We took some photos over the sign (after queuing for some time). We took the bus further away from the Strip to the outlet center (and the Boot Barn – we didn’t enter it though ;)) and ate at Outback. From there, we took the bus ($8 for a 24 hours bus card) back to the Wynn to visit the stop Joyce didn’t feel so great last year. We did some souvenir shopping near the hotel we stayed in last time – Circus Circus. Since we both are collecting the state and National Park quarters, Circus Circus is the place to be. The children arcade has machine that changes $1,$5, $10 notes to quarters. I ‘spent’ $25 hoping to get some to add to my collection, but I wasn’t as fortunate. We continued our walk north to the Stratosphere – with a small stop in a major souvenir shop -. Joyce really wanted to go up the tower, until she saw the admission fee. I reckon it’s beautiful up there, but for me (and Joyce) it wasn’t worth the money for something we were about to see later on from the plane. From the Stratosphere we took the bus back to the Mardi Gras and did some decent repacking our bags. We had to sort out what we’d bring to home via New York, what we’re about to throw away and what we’d send home in our Walmart box. In the end, we left a nice amount of food for the house keeping, left some old cloths in the bin and filled our box nicely.

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