Red left, red right… red everywhere

Today was our last day on the road and in the previous days, we had been making sure the car was getting cleaner bit by bit. While driving from Hurricane, UT, we’d be leaving this state for the fourth state during our travels: Nevada. So via I-15 we travelled to Nevada via Arizona. Our stop of the day before going to Las Vegas, was Valley of Fire State Park. In one of our first drafts of our travel schedule we also had planned to go Arches NP. This meant we’d be on the road for a very long time just to go there. We scraped the idea. We were also told that, after a few days with red sand, red rocks and other natural occurrences looking red, would look all the same. They were right.

Valley of Fire SP is west of Lake Mead. It is very beautiful, but I was glad we were there in April. Because during the summer, it tend to get very hot in the park and hiking in hot weather (I don’t mind warm though) isn’t something you should want to do. Because Valley of Fire is a state park, you have to pay an entrance fee. State Parks aren’t included in the annual National Parks pass. There weren’t any people at the toll booth to which you could pay. No, there were these envelopes you put your money in and drop into a mail box. It’s all in good faith in some sort of way. Our first stop was Elephant Rock. Hence the name, it was a rock formation that looked like an elephant. Surprise!

Our next stop was the visitor’s center, where we bought some souvenirs and looked on a map for trails. We decided to do the Rainbow Bridge trail and the Mouse Tank trail. Those weren’t too long a hike considering the sun burning on your shoulders. The Rainbow Bridge trail brought us to a multi-coloured rock. All these small layered looked like a rainbow (they aren’t very creative when it comes to names apparently). The trail also took us to the end of a canyon, with a beautiful look out over another rocky canyon. The next trail we walked was the Mouse Tank Trail. This trail was very short and if you climbed on the rocks a bit in the end (which I did) you could see a few water holes filled with water (don’t ask me how there was still water in there with those temperatures).

Since we had a small bucket list to tick off during the day in Vegas, we went to the west entrance to leave the park and via de I-15 we went to Las Vegas. Considering we had both been there before, we didn’t want to spent too much on a hotel. So we ended up in the Mardi Gras. This hotel/casino is on Paradise road; just one block away from the Strip. We emptied the car. Made sure it looked cleanish. We triple checked it before we went to do some stuff before bringing back to Amalo. Our first stop was the Boot Barn. To be honest, this shop (especially the branch in Las Vegas) is heaven. We came across the store by accident during our 2015 visit and was basically on the top of our Las Vegas today list. A few hundred dollars less, but with a pair of awesome new boots, I left the store. Next stop: iHop. We were hungy. We also went to Walmart to get some last minute things we can’t get in Europe (Herbal Essences Hydralicious shampoo and conditioner for example). We also needed a box for sending some stuff back to Europe. After bringing these items back to our room, we drove to the Amalo garage to bring back our precious friend on wheels. In 12 days we drove 3236 kms (2011 miles) and we couldn’t have seen half the things we saw without it. We were glad the people at Amalo could tell us the distance we had travelled. We forgot to write down the miles the car had driven when we left the premises in San Francisco.

From the rental car wing, we took a shuttle to the airport. There we ordered an Uber back to the hotel. The guy driving us back, was real nice fellow. Of course, when you say you’re from the Netherlands, they either start about weed or football (especially the guy). We had some fun talking about all sorts of stuff during the short ride back. When we got back, we crashed and went to bed.

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