Third leg of the journey: rain. Rain. Rain.

After a very good night’s sleep in a gigantic bed, we had brekkie in the outdoor patio before we repacked the car for the day. Today we would be covering a bit more ground than the days before. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be a bit less wonderful than previous days. They predicted it to be raining the entire day (and they weren’t lying). So basically, we had three stops in our road book: Morro Bay & Rock, Walmart in Lompoc and Santa Barbara. Considering we hadn’t planned much, it was a good thing the rain came today.

First stop however, was a fuel station in Cambria. We won’t go far without any fuel, would we now? Joyce told me the fuel was expensive in the town we decided to get some, but all I could think about that it was cheap compared to the Netherlands. We paid $23 for 6,4 gallon (that’s around 24,5 liters for €20; equals €0,82 for a liter gasoline). I still think it’s cheap even though it was expensive for US standards.

While preparing for this journey we looked a sorts of sights to visit while travelling south the California 1. The photos of Morro Bay and Rock looked pretty awesome on screen. Sadly, the weather dreary and clouds were partially covering the rock. We stopped near the beach and a camp site. It wasn’t too cold, however, the smell on the beach was horrible. I don’t know what was rotting in the sand, but it stank badly. It probably was the sea weed, considering it wasn’t tied to one specific spot on the beach. We took some shots of Morro Rock, before we decided it was time to go back to the car and make our way to Lompoc for our planned stop at Walmart. What else could we do on a day like this. In Morro Bay you can often see whales, but since the visibility sucked (sorry, the only word that fits the bill), Walmart it was.

Once again, I reckon one can live in a Walmart. You name it and they have it except for fire wood. Since we were hungry, we also bought some things for lunch before we made it to what we thought to be a nice and small park. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a great place to have a small picnic. So we stayed with the car and grabbed a bite in the parking lot.

Considering the weather wasn’t changing for the better, we decided to go Sandyland Reef Inn first. This way, we could dump our stuff in our room.  In case they would break in our car, our valuables wouldn’t be in there. When we almost arrived, Joyce realised she had forgotten her jacket in San Simeon. First thing she did, was giving them a call, whether they had found it. They did and she arranged a few things with them.

The room in the inn was a bit noisy due it to be directly besides the US 101. But when closing the window, it wasn’t too bad. We changed into something warmer and found our umbrella and rain ponchos.

Driving back to Santa Barbara (which wasn’t a very long drive at all), we had more trouble finding a parking spot than finding where we wanted to go (kudos to Google Maps and T-mobile SIM cards). Our first stop was the Santa Barbara Pier. We arrived there around 5pm-ish and heaps of people were leaving already. I blame the weather. At least it wasn’t raining (yet).

We walked down to the end of the Pier via all the souvenirs shops to buy some magnets and cards. Just before it started to rain we saw two seals/sea lions (either one of the two) breaking the surface of the water to get some air. It was cute. Since it started raining we walked back to the boulevard, took out our ponchos and went to this Fish & Chips place of which we had seen an ad in the inn. Their fish and chips is so good! (Mac’s. Go there if you have the chance!) The best part is that they even sold Irn-Bru (a Scottish soda). I was a happy girl, despite the rain.

After dinner we went back to the inn because the weather wasn’t getting any better and we had an early morning ahead (Malibu and crossing LA traffic).

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