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Let’s get this out here: I’M GOING TO THE USA AGAIN. There! I said it. I’ve finally shared it with all of you out thereĀ (except for those who are actually reading my tweets; you’ve known so for a few days, you lucky people).

On 25 November (yes, this year) I will fly to the other side of the pond to the lovely city of Boston to start my three month journey. I have some nice things planned to do and see while being on US soil (besides watching my TV series on a regular time instead of somewhere way after midnight -added bonus-) until the end of February, including city hopping on both the East and West coast. But if there are some things you think I have to do/see, please let me know! Natives tend to know the fun things besides the touristy stuff.

There’s so much to look up and prepare for. I reckon I need to make a list. I’ll keep you posted!

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